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MGM Springfield blackjack classes begin: 'This is the time to make mistakes' (photos, video)

She worked building the Planet Hollywood casino on the Las Vegas Strip. "I love the hustle and the bustle of the casino floor," she said. "I hope to get experience here with MGM and then go back to UNLV for a degree in hospitality." Instructor Chris Rothstein, who works as a shift manager for MGM, said a big part of the first day of blackjack class is getting students used to the feel of the chips and the cards. They also have to get used to following the proper procedures for everything so their hands are in the right position and so the casino surveillance cameras can see everything that happens. "We have to start at the beginning," he said. "How many cards are in a deck? How many suits are there in a deck?" But much of what a dealer does is tactile: handling cards and chips. "The hardest thing to do is to hold 20 chips at a time," White said. "Then you cut them off with your fingers. I need to work on using my hands." She's not alone. Instructors all over the room kept their students chatting, interacting and counting, all the while counting and stacking chips.

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